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No-Salt and Spice and EVERYTHING NICE

Sodium can be the nemesis for so many people who are trying to stay healthy. For many, high blood pressure is the cause of serious health concerns. For others, high sodium levels in foods can lead to water retention and bloat that is uncomfortable and not fun!

The invention of EVERYTHING BAGEL SEASONING has become popular and has hit the shelves of almost all grocery stores. The sodium content of this amazing mixture of common household spices is pretty undesirable...and so is the price! Trader Joe's put this on the map by coming up with their own recipe, with over 300 mg for one serving, the puffy fingers were just not worth the flavor.

If you are a fan of Everything bagels and love Trader Joe’s famous Everything Bagel Seasoning, you are going to love today’s easy recipe! I am going to teach you how to make Everything Bagel Seasoning at HOME! It is SO simple and you will want to put it on everything. I guess that makes sense since it is everything bagel seasoning:)


Here are the ingredients you will need equal amount of:

Poppy Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Black Sesame Seeds

Minced Dried Garlic

Minced Dried Onion

Black Pepper

*Paprika (this is not in Trader Joe's recipe, but i add it to mine and it is amazing!!)

I used 4oz bottles of each spice and mixed a huge batch. I then usd the empty bottles to store the GETUFIT SPICE in for future use!

So now that we have all of our spices ready to go, let’s make the Everything Bagel Seasoning. All you have to do is combine the spices in a bowl and stir. That is it! Store the spice blend in a sealed jar or container until you are ready to use.

I have even added red pepper flakes and parsley for different variations.

So what do you use Everything Bagel Seasoning for? It is a great seasoning for almost anything. Here are some ideas:

Avocado toast

Baked potatoes


Tomato slices

Hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs

Homemade pita chips

Chicken Roasted vegetables



The options are endless! Mix up your own GETUFIT SPICE and let me know how you like to use it. Use it freely because now you know how to make it at home, you will never have to buy it again! YAY!

Remember my recipe contains NO SALT so use it freely!

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